Loading Level 11

We're waiting...and the nervous energy is palpable especially because Ethan from the HauntedWeb joins us to discuss this weekend's festivities and what to expect this holiday season! PLUS watchables to distract you, and Mando is back! And your fill of everything we're excited about in the coming week. WE VOTE FOR MORE OF THIS! This … Continue reading Loading Level 11

Voodoo Village!

Hauntedweb of Horrors was AMAZING, especially the spectacular Voodoo Village!!! Radio Free GTR gives them a 10 out of 10! Congratulations to everyone who made this an amazing experience, and thank you for being a great partner this Halloween season! Check them out at Hauntedweb.com! If you missed it, enjoy these exclusive pictures of Voodoo … Continue reading Voodoo Village!

When Streams Become Reality

Just the 2 of us…but gonna need ALL the friends when headed into the HauntedWeb of Horrors! Crystal and Ethan from the HauntedWeb stop by to discuss this year's haunt and how they're keeping you safe. Plus, keep the friends close because of Disney's new full stream ahead approach! Brandon and Brodee are reacting to … Continue reading When Streams Become Reality