Intro to The End

There's a lot happening while socially modified. Ali goes RAGE mode while going all binge-tastic. Brodee on the other hand has seen the sunshine and is lapping up the rainbows. Brandon and Wayne are going to go on a potentially dark exploration thanks to Randonautica (they'll explain) and we have a winner of our first … Continue reading Intro to The End

Intro to Outrage

Socially modified! Wayne not only has board game news but a board game you could WIN and while he's at it he's also responsible for "Edutaining" Ali. Don't worry, we'll explain while Ali explains how her life has changed...and has life changed now that Broadway is on "the plus"? We're reviewing Hamilton! It's another exciting … Continue reading Intro to Outrage

Intro to Level 7

Socially distant but not unaware! Ali, Wayne, and Brandon get REAL about Advocacy vs. Pandering when it comes to #Hollywood and Corporate America. PLUS, it looks like #CDProjektRed is pandering after their recent delay; Andy breaks it down. We had homework! We review #EurovisionSongContest and YOU can be a winner in the game of #GeekTank! … Continue reading Intro to Level 7

All Masked Up and Nowhere To Go

We're Mid-distanced again! Brandon and Brodee are in studio while Ali, Ariana, and Wayne join from the web to discuss a "one foot forward, two steps back" when it comes to the public. PLUS, we discuss this strange firework trend and if Will Ferrell's new Netflix movie will be a hit or miss. Remember 1993? … Continue reading All Masked Up and Nowhere To Go