The Sound of Social

Another rough week you can chalk up to 2020 being, well, 2020. We start this thing off with a somber in memoriam but, as we move past our in memoriam segment, we also get into the PS5 news. But don't forget Microsoft as they have some big news too! We unload and unpack on the … Continue reading The Sound of Social

Gettin Cute In Space

Setting the record straight when it comes to Netflix's controversial "Cuties". Ali is on a rampage while Wayne brings some validity to the subject of "Cuties". Dr. Ian Malcom coined the phrase "Life, will find a way" but is VENUS showing all of the signs. Brodee's eyes are in the stars and over the skies … Continue reading Gettin Cute In Space

Fresh Into Level 9

Care for a Fresca? We've entered into Jumanji 2020 Level 9 and are speculating what that could look like. Speaking of speculation, we have a bit of Speculation Domination when it comes to some big titles in movies and streaming. NO MORE speculation, however, when it comes to the new XBox and Avengers game! We … Continue reading Fresh Into Level 9

Roller CoastKing

HEAVY week last week with the news of the passing of Chadwick Boseman. We lament his passing, however, get a nice distraction from GamesCom. Wayne and Ali took in some Class Action Park in the midst of Ali's usual binge and the gang has a lot to look forward to in the Geek Ahead! It's … Continue reading Roller CoastKing

Did You DC That!?

We’re hunkered down in anticipation for the level 8 boss raid about to hit our area. That being said, shout out and wishing nothing but support and the best for our Geek Tankers in Louisiana and Texas that got pummeled. All of that aside we dare to ask, did you DC THAT!? Andy’s 2 week … Continue reading Did You DC That!?

Virtually Terminated

Brodee's the outlier when it comes to his viewing tastes PLUS he's also got some potentially TERMINATING science news. Andy has some ghastly good DLC news but Ali has some trouble in the Apple forts. Speaking of the Stream Queen, she's at it again and so is Wayne as he returns with his Locked & … Continue reading Virtually Terminated

Loaded Umbrellas

We’ve watched the Vietnam movies, we were collectively raised with seven siblings, and I once wore a toga instead of a sarong to a frat party and got a s-Ton of numbers. Like Ben Hargreeves we’re going in on some Umbrella Academy Season 2 PLUS we get locked and loaded with everything from gaming to … Continue reading Loaded Umbrellas

Intro to Level 8

Officially in Level 8 and we're discussing what this level could hold PLUS SpaceX returns and the astronauts are openly talking about the re-entry process. The XFL has a new owner and a new outlook! We speculate on what the future could hold for the league. Our "Stream Queen", Ali, sent our Watch2gether group into a new tailspin … Continue reading Intro to Level 8

Intro to Game Time

Passionately discussing the best especially when it come to detectives this week PLUS we do our own detective work when it comes to the return of G4! Our "Stream Queen" returns and quickly regains her title but is it all for not as we've hit a bonus level in Jumanji 2020! We're excited and ready … Continue reading Intro to Game Time

No Budget No Problem

Movies are king (or maybe?)! We're discussing Rereleases vs. Remakes plus the discussion of Budget and Butts, is there a correlation? Andy has a new obsession in a newly released video game. Brodee has a creepy new creature to talk about in science. Our "Binge Queen", Ali is at it again and more fun to … Continue reading No Budget No Problem